Thursday, July 13, 2006

Egg-timer of the Gods

Minuteur est un . . . minuteur est un chronomètre.

So writes Philippe Galmel of Minuteur, his little contraption that does one thing very well: it's a chronometer, an egg-timer for busy moderns.

Why would a person need such a thing for his or her Mac ax? Well, I've used it in a few contexts: as a reminder that in half an hour I have to go somewhere or that something I want to watch or record is about to come on, but better, as a stopwatch for writing sprints meant to clear the cobwebs before setting about a project. Five minutes spent in mad-dash jotting and listmaking for an article, letter, book proposal, or planning process can get a good deal accomplished, I find, especially if you're racing against a literally ticking clock.

Minuteur is a most useful thing, inituitively designed for those who don't read French.

Et aussi, est gratis. Though it'd be good to float some francs to the creator, who has made something good for the world, even if it chains us to the clock.

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Anonymous said...

I love Minuteur, I'm currently looking for a Windows version of a similar program. Can't find one.

I use Minuteur on all my macs. The "ticking" you mention does wonder to my productivity.